Looks Like It’s A Double Ending!

For Camp NaNoWriMo, I not only managed to complete my goal of 30,000 words, but my final word count for the story The Dodiel Moon: 38,464 words.

But I am by no means finished with the story; in fact, it’s time for me to do some heavy editing and stuff. Hopefully, by the end of September, I’ll have the story available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords.

On the other had, my rather absurd take on the Harry Potter series, better known as Harry Moffer & the Worst Story Ever, is available for free on Amazon for today only. So if you have yet to purchase your copy, click the link at the bottom of the blog post. (Don’t worry if you miss today’s free purchase; I’ll do another free promotion next month)

In case you forgot what the story is about, here it is again:

“Warthogpox High School was the worst school in the city of Wyvernwing, and Harry Hames Moffer was its most infamous student.” 

With this quote, the Harry Potter series gets a much-needed kick in the pants with this spoof. In this story, Harry Moffer is a 14-year-old loser who gets an invitation to attend the worst high school in the state of Pennsylvania. But when he gets to Warthogpox High School, he discovers that he is mistaken for a boy wizard in an unpopular children’s book series. He joins Pun Teasley and Hildegarde Lamer in an unepic quest to find out who wrote the series and put an end to the planned Hollyword movie!

Plus, the Grim Trio must stop a crazy person from getting to the Magcian’s Crystal before the school is doomed.

Now you know.


2 thoughts on “Looks Like It’s A Double Ending!

  1. woodbeez48

    Congratulations on meeting your word count of 30,000 words! I felt please with just 10,000 so you must be ecstatic 🙂


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