Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

Orphans by Thomas Kennington

Orphans by Thomas Kennington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s post deals with the orphan boy named Oswyk.

For many years, orphans have been made into heroes, something that is a huge problem with literature today. Orphans as heroes have been admired by adults and children, who read about them in children’s books.

For some reason, I seem to have a problem with orphans.

In reality, orphans, especially if the orphan in question is a child, can become victims of child abuse. This trope rings true in many of my stories. Also, with the difficulty of growing up without parents, the orphan could become a victim of bullying (especially by children who have parents), or denied the right to attend school or function in society altogether.

In this story, Oswyk is growing up in a kingdom that is dominated by the church, and the church deems orphans and other “undesirable” citizens as “unworthy”. Slavery is widespread, and as such, Oswyk could count on having a short lifespan filled with misery and pain. Luckily, he escapes from that fate when he meets three traveling companions who come to his city.

More will come…


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