Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4

Today’s chapter deals with a princess rebelling against her role as a princess.

Ok, how many times have we seen this before? A princess who doesn’t want to be a lady? Yawn. Next story, please.

Anyway, the princess in question is named Coral Bloom Towers and as such, her father is ruling Feplemora, albeit under the direction of the church. He seeks to marry off his eldest daughter, something that doesn’t sit too well with her. She turns down scores of suitors, much to her parents’ consternation. After one embarrassing incident involving a prince, her parents have no choice but to lock her up in a tower.

Well, the whole “princess in the tower” is cliched, but she manages to rescue herself and run off with several adventurers, all who have their own problems. But how will Coral stack up against several well-known (and incredibly weak/insensitive) strong female characters? Only time will tell.


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