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English: Michael Jackson 2nd June 1988. "...

English: Michael Jackson 2nd June 1988. “Wiener Stadion” venue in Vienna, Austria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, before I go on with today’s blog post, I have something important to say…

As we all know, Thursday, June 25, 2009, was the saddest day, for we lost two major stars, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

As we all know, Michael Jackson had been the major music sensation in the 1970’s when he sang with his brothers in the Jackson 5, then he went solo and produced albums and music videos that smashed every musical record known to man (and then some) and won awards and just sealed his fate as the King of Pop.

As we all know, Farrah Fawcett was the star on the 1970’s hit TV show “Charlie’s Angels” until she bowed out and took on other projects. But why she is mainly remembered for being on the show I’ll never find out.

As we all know, Michael Jackson had a series of health and legal problems in the 1990’s, which ranged from legal troubles to hobnobbing with the wrong kind of people and his friendships with children.

As we all know, Farrah Fawcett dated Ryan O’Neil for a good number of years and they had a son named Redmond. But Ryan and Redmond’s troubles frequented the headlines just as Farrah announced that she had cancer.

But now our two favorite stars are gone, and they leave behind a huge legacy. Michael Jackson changed the face of pop music forever and he was one of the reasons I decided to take up the guitar and why I loved pop music. Farrah’s signature locks are her own, I’ll never have them.

Michael leaves behind 3 children, his parents, brothers and sisters (among them pop superstar Janet) and an enduring legacy which many artists who are popular today took their cues from and millions of fans.

Farrah leaves behind Ryan, Redmond, and a huge fanbase.

They will never be forgotten.

That was written four years ago, when the event happened. And to this day, Michael Jackson is still being remembered for his music.

So what was my earliest memories of Michael Jackson?

Without giving my age away, I will claim that I spent a good part of my life watching his music videos on MTV. Today, my iPod is filled with his music. (Well, most of his music anyway) And I will mention the fact that some of the music done by him made his way into my stories.

Later on, I’ll be posting a list of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.


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