Is “All In One Friendship” getting a bit “too real”?

Yesterday, I wrapped up chapter 3, and in this chapter of the story, new student Lisa Brooks starts telling her new classmates what they could or could not do. Here’s part of the story:

Jennifer frowned as she stared into space. She knew that something wasn’t going right, not the way that things were going these days. There was still Elisabeth Brooks for her to deal with, and she and the other girls hadn’t exactly given her a warm welcome. Then again, neither did the rest of the students at the school. Jennifer could tell that they all disliked her, from her perpetually nice clothes to her apparent disdain for anything rap and hip-hop related.

Nancy said to her, “I saw Elisabeth telling Althea Moore that she needed to “fix that messed-up hair of hers” and to stop dressing in that ridiculously short dress. She says that dressing in short dresses and wearing weaves makes her look “starved for attention” or something like that.”

“Needless to say, Althea ran home crying,” said Oriana. “And even worse, Elisabeth scolded several boys for wearing those pants that are so big they look like they’ll fall down. Who is she, some schoolmarm in another life?”

Well, there’s that. 

I based Lisa on myself, seeing as I never really liked anything rap or hip-hop and people who were Black tended to avoid me like the plague. Most of my friends were White. (I’l get back to you on that.) But I never broke up any friendships between four girls who had formed a huge clique that existed long before I came to said school.

Also, the reason why I ask this question, is because I am beginning to wonder about how “real” can this story get without bordering on “too real to read“. My 2012 NaNoWriMo NovelMagical Compositions, fell victim to this trope.  I wonder if this story is the next to fall.

We shall see…


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