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The Color of Friendship (2000 film)

The Color of Friendship (2000 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the thing:

I’m not going to be creating any new stories until I get the ones that I’m currently writing off the ground. This is ridiculous, with me having way too many projects and not completing them.

With that being said, I have some news for you.

I’ve decided to resurrect a classic story written by me, one that was written ages ago, but lost to the threshold of time.

That story is called “All in One Friendship“.

In this story, (as was the original), four teenage girls attempt to solve a decades-old mystery while dealing with perennial topics, such as peer pressure/intimidation (which seems to be a running theme in my YA fiction), bullies, insane teachers and pathetically dull classmates.

And that’s only the first part of the story.

Jennifer Yabut, Nancy Lev, Oriana Martin, and Spenser Petersen spend their days hanging out, just as I have done with my friends back in the day. But these girls are growing up during the mid-90s, and the one hot topic on everyone’s minds would make my alter ego (namely, Jacquel Rassenworth) very happy.

The topic about Anastasia.

As we all know, the Anastasia cartoon was released in 1997 in theaters, which is right around the time the story begins. Jen, Nancy, Oriana, and Spenser all go watch it because #1, everyone’s watching cartoons and #2, that sets up the whole story. (which feels rather silly, to be honest)

Anyway, the girls don’t really think that Anastasia could have survived the Romanov massacre and they think the movie had besmirched the memory of the Russian princess. (they were right, by the way) Plus, how could Anastasia Romanov be killed at age 8 at a ball when history clearly suggested that she was killed in the basement of her house in the Ural mountains at age 17?

Nevermind the inaccuracies about Rasputin and the Romanovs (plus that one movie I made up about Gregory Rasputin pokes fun at his life).

With these nagging questions about the Romanovs, the girls clearly do NOT have time to be dealing with bullies and homework. But the bullying comes to them in the form of Davina Canton and Shawnee Walker, two girls who (despite all blog posts that state the contrary, such as the girls just wanted some friends and all that other nonsense) just love to make life miserable for everyone in the boarding school. They will not let up despite warnings from various teachers and the principal. Jennifer is sure that Davina picks on her for some unknown reason.

Well, before this story is over, the girls (and the rest of the school) learn some very harsh lessons (both in history and in life) and the Fab Four learn that their friendship should not exclude others. (plus, there is an alternative ending in which the Anastasia project is abandoned and the Fab Four breaks up for good)

Well, so that’s the story. I’ll let you know about its progress in upcoming blog posts.

2 thoughts on “JuNoWriMo Novel

  1. Eden

    Too often cartoon producers make their stories sweeter than history does… Well, except perhaps the Looney Tunes (which are the bane of my existence these days because my son is obsessed with them).

    I agree with the girls. The whole Romanov story though has built to so many versions (most base rumor) that finding the truth can feel impossible at times.


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