Before the Next Chapter is Written…

harry moffer 1

harry moffer 1 (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Well, sorry for not updating yesterday, but I had a bad stomachache and couldn’t update. But anyway, I have a temporary list of the characters who are featured in the sequel Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel that came from my stories:

Teen Rebels=Adolescent Resisters

  • Sabrina Snow (Shara Shinnok), Mary Laverty (Mara Llewelyn), Salem Garland (Stuart Greer), Inez Hobart (Irene Haughton), Petunia Tuckett (Pearl Tanner)
  • Jenna Treetop-Karkaroff (Jacquel Temujin-Kahn), Matilda David (Moira Darlington), Shadow Baynes (Suchart Basil), and Teresa Lella Roche (Temmy Luciana Renaldo)

Temmy & Venus=Tabby & Vermolana

  1. Temmy Bennett-Melanie Tabitha Barnes
  2. Bailey Bennett-Benedict Barnes
  3. Jeremy Vicente-James Fortescue
  4. Setsuke Masuzoe-Suzuko Makino

All in One Friendship=All in A Single Camaraderie

  1. Jennifer Yabut-Jesse Tolworth
  2. Addison Yabut-Austin Tolworth
  3. Nancy Lev-Myrtis Lawford
  4. Oriana Martin-Alina Murdock
  5. Spencer Petersen-Sarah Plumb

Well, I’ll have more as the story progresses.


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