Placing Fantasy in Reality

This is an interesting article; I never really considered putting reality into reality. I always imagined that reality and fantasy weren’t allowed to mix and my stories have very little to no reality in them. But now that I have read this article, I can safely say that I can find a way to incorporate reality into my fantasy stories.

Broken Mirrors

Well, I’m sure all of you remember Paul Davis from his previous posts here. He’s just started a new venture writing for Jukepop and would love for all of you to checkout his work there! For now, enjoy his post, and I have to say that Exalted is an excellent game!

I was in a creative writing class where we alternated which student would write a ten to twenty page story for the class to read and critique. Each of us wrote three stories throughout the semester, and my turn was coming up. I was beside myself as to what I should write, so I chose something simple: a fan fiction. I was playing Exalted, a very fun and exciting, anime based, table top role playing game. The world used a great deal from our own in order to make it easier to connect. There was whiskey, rice, shacks…

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