Editing the Story day 4

High School Musical

High School Musical (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story called Harry Moffer and the Unnecessary Sequel will be starting today because if I take too much of a break, the story might not happen at all.

As we all know, in the sequel, Harry, Pun, and Hildegarde are back at Warthogpox High School after a two-week suspension due to their part in the events of the last story. But the problem is, everyone else has forgotten about them because they are now hooked on the worst thing ever…singing.

Such as, they’re singing songs in the style of High School Musical.

Harry and his friends must locate the source of the music and put an end to all the singing. That, and find a restricted room full of fruitcakes and do battle with a former Warthogpox High School student.

So, can the Grim Trio stop the musical BEFORE Honnyword takes notice and tries to turn the singing into an unnecessary movie?

I’ll have the story in place soon!



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