Camp NaNoWriMo Day 28

Quidditch Lane in Lower Cambourne

Quidditch Lane in Lower Cambourne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two days left in this session and I really need to hurry up and wrap up the story so I can do the following two things:

  1. Publish the story
  2. Start the sequel

Anyway, I invented a fake sport that mixes hockey and Quidditch. Here’s how I describe it: Kettle hockey was played on the grass (as opposed to the traditional ice hockey) and the kettlepots served as the goals. The puck was a huge rubber ball and two teams pushed it back and forth using metal rakes. The teams consist of five people. Three of the members are the players, one member are the goalie, and the fifth member had the unimportant job of finding the rather elusive golden star, which was really a star-shaped brick that was painted a bright green. By catching the star, the Starcatcher’s teams would lose 25 points, rendering the other team victorious.

So that means that if you catch the snitch in this game, you lose. Let’s see how our hero does against his rival.

Still more editing is to be done if I want to get to 25,000 words before the month is over.


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