Tales from March 15, 2010

Well, they did say “Beware the Ides of March“, but a certain Roman leader failed to heed that warning, and he ended up dead.

But long story short, I have some stories that take place starting on this day (or close to it):

  1. Molly Evans is now 13 years old and she must come to terms with her sad past.
  2. When Sunny Baudelaire is old, she tells her grandchildren her sad life story.
  3. In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of kids attend school in what once had been Hogwarts.
  4. Colin and Silas Bone and their cousins Elva, Peter, and Giselle Yewbeam must face the ghost of Maddy Du Bois.
  5. A year after “The Old Traditional Story“, Charlie and the others leave Bloor‘s after a fight.
  6. When Seamus is on his deathbed, his grandchildren fight for this fortune.
  7. Artemis is now a married man with several children and an old man needs his help once again…
  8. The Cullens play hosts to several stranded vampires.
  9. The Volturi and Voldemort have an all-out battle.
  10. The Millers discover Paul is alive and they confront Dumbledore.
  11. Several unpopular characters from your favorite stories form a rock band.
  12. Michael Bone and his friends must deal with a strange new villain.
  13. Dumbledore sends Jacquel, Sameth, and Saphira to the Volturi and ask them to eat the children. But the Volturi have better plans for them…
  14. The Cullens attend Hogwarts (Bella and Jake included) and along comes a certain werewitch…
  15. What if Ron was NOT a Weasley?

At the end of the week, I’ll have the stories knocked into place.


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