Tales from March 15, 2009

Well, they did say “Beware the Ides of March“, but a certain Roman leader failed to heed that warning, and he ended up dead.

But long story short, I’ve got some stories that take place starting on this day (or close to it):

  1. After Harry disappears, the others try to live their lives without him. STORY: Left Behind, the side story to “Something Wicked This Way Comes“, in which Harry’s friends (who he had left behind when he jumped the veil) come to terms with his death.
  2. The Evans children describe a secret chapter in their lives BEFORE they met Harry Potter and Charlie Bone. STORY: The Calm Before the Storm; before Harry of Charlie, Robbie DID live a happy life.
  3. Many years after THE END, an adult Sunny is the only living Baudelaire who successfully reaches Winnipeg. STORY: Finally Home; Sunny reaches Winnipeg in a bittersweet finale.
  4. Jadis‘s stepdaughter Willamaerha has her own secrets: she could be descended from a mysterious Hogwarts founder… STORY: Geneology; Will’s secret comes out and lives around her are changed.
  5. What if Harry Potter was the Dark Lord and Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle) was the Boy-Who-Lived?
  6. Jacquel Rassenworth is killed on her 13th birthday and she ends up meeting vampires. STORY: Jacquel Rassenworth Twilighted; Our favorite NOT-heroine is reborn as a vampire
  7. Before Seamus got involved in the wizarding wars, he raised four children at Hogwarts and fought with his siblings and cousins. STORY: The War of the Roweses; Seamus raises his children and fights with his family
  8. Artemis is 18 now and he swears to give up crime forever, but a plea from an old friend forces him to gather up the gang for one last heist… STORY: The Final Heist; Artemis and the gang pull off one final heist
  9. Voldemort trains his minions and fights with their families. STORY: The Breakout; Voldemort confronts the families of his young minions
  10. Eragon’s descendants and the reformed Dragon Riders find a badly injured boy wandering around Dras-Leona. STORY: Unsolved Mysteries; The Dragon Riders discover a young boy who is carrying a deadly secret
  11. In the future, Charlie’s son Michael is called to help Albus-Severus, Rose, Scorpius, Alice, and Jacques stop another Dark Lord. STORY: Bone-Breaker; Charlie’s son decide to attend Hogwarts
  12. Draco deals with Jacquel as a sister in one too many stories. Now let’s see him deal with several more unexpected siblings. STORY: Double Trouble 2; Malfoy gets more siblings, which doesn’t bode well for the Malfoy family.
  13. The Millers must deal with their family legacy as well as a disturbing secret regarding the Romanovs. STORY: Legacy: The Millers and Nicholas deal with an unresolved issued in their past
  14. People who visit a local library at night lose their memories.
  15. People vanish without a trace on August 2.

Well, stories shall be out soon!


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