Tales from March 15, 2008

When Julius Caesar was told to “beware the ides of March“, he didn’t. And we all knew what happened.

Anyway, I have some fun stories for everyone to enjoy:

  1. Ernest Lestrange discovers a strange television set and disasters happen.
  2. Time is reported to slow down over an old hotel. But when a certain family goes there…
  3. The Baudelaires and Quagmires are hiding out in a northern town while trying to get back to Winnipeg. If only someone would let them… STORY: The End of this Tale; The Baudelaires and Quagmires go back to Winnipeg (ONGOING)
  4. The Pureblood Princess’s Tale; Jadis and Jaden discover who their grandfather is (DEBATING)
  5. A town where a boy lives comes under attack and is destroyed when they discover a secret plot within the ruler’s own forces that weakens the monarchy, causing a power struggle to claim the throne.
  6. A boy forms a rivalry with a notorious gang when he discovers an important, lost item that could lead in a murder being prevented.
  7. Living peacefully with their kin alongside another race, a girl’s life changes unexpectedly when she witnesses an act of injustice from one side towards the other that results in an increasing race relations disaster.
  8. Fowl’s 13; The gang heads to Casablanca to do battle with the mob (ONGOING)
  9. the 12 Pains of Christmas; Christmas and Death Eaters don’t mix (ONGOING)
  10. Dragon Wars; Anakin joins the fight against King Galbatorix, and he’s not too happy about that. (ONGOING)
  11. Boneless No More; Charlie has to protect his family from Lord Voldemort (ONGOING)
  12. An arrogant musician must evade an unwanted lover, find a magic ring, and defeat a tyrant to find a magic mirror. Things are complicated by a jealous rival.
  13. Having heard of but paying little attention to the prophecy of the Hero, a young man attempts to avoid his fate when he learns of a beast that steadily grows in power that wishes to rule the world and all within it.
  14. Living safely within the the walls of the castle town, the peaceful life a young woman once knew slowly fades away when the growing rebellion against the monarchy springs into action that results in the castle being captured by an enemy nation.
  15. Living peacefully with no knowledge of the growing threat beyond their homelands, a young man’s village comes under attack and is destroyed when the king, driven mad with power, begins to use his power and forces in a way that results in the queen being murdered, and an unpopular replacement being put on the throne.

I’ll be posting an update on these stories soon!


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