Tales from March 15, 2007

As we all know, Julius Caesar was killed on March 15, 44 B.C. after being told to “beware the Idea of March“. Here are some stories that happened because of that day:

  1. A girl who refuses to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” suddenly finds herself stuck in Narnia.
  2. An adventerous soldier who must solve three riddles, break a curse, and solve a mystery to overcome three challenges. Assistance comes in the form of a magic fish.
  3. The Sinister Stalker; Count Olaf is gone, but why is someone stalking the Baudelaires? (ONGOING)
  4. Not Another Fantasy Movie!; the Movie Characters mess up all fantasy/sci-fi movies (ONGOING)
  5. Who Killed Seamus LeSouse Rowes; Sean leads an investigation into who killed his father after Seamus is found dead (DEBATING)
  6. Having recently been plagued by visions, a young woman sets out to find her true purpose in life when her village is attacked and razed by a large invading force that wishes to rule the world and all within it.
  7. An adventerous boy who must leave home, escape an abusive parent, and solve three riddles to outwit a witch. Things are complicated by the villain kidnapping the main character’s sister.
  8. Fowl’s 12; Artemis Fowl and the gang do another round of robberies (ONGOING)
  9. Having recently been plagued by visions, the peaceful life ta young man once knew slowly fades away when he learns of an ancient legend which predicts the downfall of the kingdom at the hands of a dark lord that will be brought to an end by a hero’s sacrifice.
  10. A Failed Mission; the Rebel Force attacks Gondor and Hogwarts (ONGOING)
  11. Still Boneless; Charlie is now involved in the wizarding war (ONGOING)
  12. A lonely girl must leave home, defeat a tyrant, and find a magic mirror to outwit a faerie. Complications arise when it’s discovered that the hero and villain are related. Assistance comes in the form of a magic mirror.
  13. Quiet and curious with the desire to know what lies beyond their familiar homelands, a young woman is forced into hiding when traitors within the governing body initiate a coup that results in the kingdom being captured by an enemy nation.
  14. A brave musician must outwit a witch, solve a mystery, and find a magic mirror to break a curse. Things are complicated by a jealous rival. Assistance comes in the form of a magic horse.
  15. Living quietly, trying to avoid the wrath of the local guards, a young man’s village comes under attack and is destroyed when their homeland is subjected to a devastating attack by an enemy nation that results in the kingdom coming under siege.

I’ll be posting an update on these stories soon!


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