I opened up my Feedbooks account on December 11, 2011, but I didn’t know what to do with it, so I didn’t use the site for a good while. Later on, it turned out that the site was just another writing site, but on this one, you can actually download your favorite stories onto your ereader.

The stories that I have on Feedbooks so far is:

  1. Classical Movements (Temmy & Venus 2010 edition) (Season 1)
  2. The Short (Human) Life of Olivia Harlequin-Grantley
  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  4. Harry Potter & Merlin’s School of Magic
  5. Harry Potter Redux
  6. The Verdant Stars
  7. Nicholas & Alexandra…and their involvement with vampires & werewolves
  8. Cosplay! The Novel
  9. The Crystal Jade: Book 1 of the Icebrood Chronicles
  10. The Green Hill Manor Mystery (Season 1)

Seeing as I enjoy using this website (plus, you can get the classics for free), I shall continue using it. But I’d like to sell my original works on Feedbooks as well, but they don’t have anything for it yet.