The State of My Giggle/Snort Account

Here’s what’s going on with my Giggle/Snort account:

I opened up my Giggle/Snort account on July 27, 2010 as an outlet for all the funny fan fiction that I write. (and I do write some funny fan fiction, in case you haven’t noticed)

And the funny stories on the site are:

  1. The Volturi Diaries, Season 1
  2. The Annoying Nomads
  3. I Got Twilighted!
  4. The Dumblight Saga by Mephenie Steyer (which is a spoof of the Twilight Saga)

But there’s no way I’m giving up on this account just yet, seeing as I have to write The Volturi Diaries, Season 2 and more of the Annoying Nomads. Plus, I have already completed I Got Twilighted! on FanFiction.Net, so I have to put the fic here.

And there’s still more, seeing as the La Push Wolves are doing a reality show and I also want to put the fantasy roasts on there, so I’m not quitting Giggle/Snort at all.


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