The State of My TWCS Library Account

Here’s what’s going on with my TWCS Library account:

I opened up my TWCS Library account on February 25, 2010, after learning about it on FanFiction.Net. It was intended to just be another site where I can publish my stories, fan fiction and otherwise.

Anyway, the stories I have on the site right now are as follows: The Secret Library Guardians: The Seventh Secret (updated 9/26/2012), The Crystal Jade: Book 1 of the IceBrood Chronicles (updated 9/26/2011), Cosplay! The Novel (updated 6/21/2011), The Final Ride (updated 5/21/2011) and The Volturi Diaries (updated 6/5/2011)

Well, it seems that I really need to get my butt in gear and actually do some heavy editing on those stories, as well as putting up new ones on the site. So, does this mean that I’ll be abandoning my TWCS Library account? Not anytime soon.


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