The State of My FanFiction.Net Account

Here’s what’s going on with my FanFiction.Net account:

I opened up my FanFiction.Net account on April 28, 2007, when I was at the height of my fan fiction writing prowess. The kinds of stories that were going to be featured on there would be mainly fan fiction for Harry Potter.

As in, I wasn’t going to let myself write fan fiction for any other story.

Anyway, the first story I wrote for there was called “Harry Potter & the story that made no sense“, which was a full on parody of the Harry Potter series. At the same time, I did write a story called “Harry Potter & the Children of the Red King“, which was a crossover between Harry Potter and the Children of the Red King series.

As that story was being read by people, I knew that my days as a Harry Potter fan were numbered. After finishing up “Harry Potter and the Story that made no sense” (which was a parody of the Harry Potter books), I knew that it was time for me to quit my obsession with Harry Potter.

But as 2007 became 2008, I had written several Harry Potter fan fiction stories, which were “Harry Potter and the Lifetime Original Movie“, “Harry Potter and a Deadly Romance“, “Rats Don’t Lie“, “Harry Potter & A Loyal Sidekick“, “Harry Potter & Merlin’s School of Magic“, “Harry Potter Redux“, and “Who’s been reading a bad Harry Potter Fanfiction Story“, all which have gotten rave reviews. But I became bored with the Harry Potter fandom, which I thought had gone downhill with “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“, which I thought was very boring, unnecessary, and too cliched for my liking. And then I had created some other characters and put them into the fandom, where they did better than the Golden Trio. And when I ended several fics with Harry’s death, I knew I needed to leave the Harry Potter fandom for good.

But as for the stories “Harry Potter & Merlin’s School of Magic“, “Harry Potter Redux“, and “The Life and Times of Teddy Lupin“, they will go on as scheduled.

After subsequently leaving the Harry Potter fandom on May 8, 2010, I ended up writing fan fiction for the following fandoms:

So, does this mean that I’ll be abandoning my FanFiction.Net account? Well, I probably should, seeing as I’ve kind of outgrown the website and have recently began migrating to other writing sites. But the stories on here will be finished one way or another, and some are on a permanent hiatus.

Now you know.


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