15 Tropes Used in “Green Hill Manor Mystery”

As you all know, “The Green Hill Manor Mystery” is a teen mystery/drama that takes place in the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon in the year 2010. Shara Shinnok has moved there from San Francisco, California and ends up being part of a huge mystery when her cousin Tanya Shinnok, a known bully and runaway, was reported missing.

So, what were the tropes that were used in this story? Here’s a list of them for you to enjoy:

  1. Adults Are Useless: Averted by Shara’s parents Shad and Janine and Mara’s parents Jason and Angie, who actually TRY to be their for their children. Ditto for Trevor, Tara, Irene, Stuart, Grace, and Jackie.
  2. Too Stupid to Live: Tanya, in the eyes of most of the citizens of Harrison Creek. (See everybody did it)
  3. Apathetic Citizens: most of the citizens of Harrison Creek, who don’t seem to care that a teenaged girl has gone missing and is possibly dead. (See everybody did it)
  4. They Died Because of You: Well, three teenaged boys died because they bullied Tanya. (And sad to say, the adults simply turned the other cheek)
  5. Someone to Remember Him By: Tanya managed to have two daughters before her untimely demise. Plus, there is the matter of Pearl Tanner’s existence and whether or not one of Tanya’s dead bullies had secretly fathered a child with Jessica Murray.
  6. Department of Child Disservices: Tara’s family seems to hate her for an imagined crime; Trevor’s brothers abuse him and Raven turns the other cheek; Stuart’s foster parents are unaware of his radical activities.
  7. Stand-In Parents: Dr. and Mrs. Kenwigs are surrogate parents to Pearl as Raven takes in an orphan named Mina. Shara becomes a temporary parent to Gilda and Audrey Brezetta.
  8. Give Him A Normal Life: The Stranger has Stuart placed with a normal, White, All-American family.
  9. Happily Adopted: Mina and Pearl fit this trope. Stuart, not so much until later on in the story.
  10. Compulsory School Age: Tanya is kicked out of Harrison Creek Middle School for being a 14-year-old sixth grade student. She isn’t allowed to take any night classes at all. Several of the characters, namely Pearl and Stuart, are 10 and 12 years old and attending Harrison Creek High School. As Gemma Challoner said, “Who filed their birth records?”
  11. Six Student Clique: Mara, Irene, Stuart, Pearl, Shara, and Jessica fit this trope. The Head-Shara. The Muscle-Stuart. The Quirk-Mara. The Pretty One-Irene. The Smart One-Jessica. The Wild One-Pearl.
  12. Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: Case in point: Grace, Jackie, and Trevor. Plus, there is the rumored return of one Anthony Sand, whose bullying of Tanya caused many of the problems in the story.
  13. Divided We Fall: Happens at the end of Episode 9 “Please Do Not Feed the Trolls“, where Mara, Stuart, and Irene have been separated from each other by the Stranger. Not to worry, Shara and Pearl eventually reunite the Teen Rebels. Same thing happens to Trevor, Grace, and Jackie, but whether to not they’ll reunite is up for grabs.
  14. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Mara is the poor girl who loves roleplaying games, Stuart is the orphan from a foreign country, and Irene is the quintessential rich girl. Add Pearl “the Alien” to the mix and with the plain, normal Shara Shinnok, you have the Teen Rebels.
  15. Coming of Age Story: this story fits this trope perfectly, as Mara, Stuart, and Irene have to deal with the death of a friend and grow up. Shara has to deal with moving to a new town and making new friends. Even Trevor learns to stop hurting his family (after they give him some serious hurt) and actually experiences his first romance. (plus, this story references a ton of films about coming of age, so there you have it.)
  16. Teen Drama: this story also fits this trope, for reasons other than the obvious…

Well, that’s all I have so far, but there is still more to the story, which means, that there will be more tropes for me to subvert or avert. Be back soon!


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