10 Unexpected Plot Twists Used in “The Green Hill Manor Mystery” (SPOILERS!!!)

As you all know, “The Green Hill Manor Mystery” is a teen mystery/drama that takes place in the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon in the year 2010. Shara Shinnok has moved there from San Francisco, California and ends up being part of a huge mystery when her cousin Tanya Shinnok, a known bully and runaway, was reported missing.

So, what were the plot twists and such that were used in this story? Here’s a list of them for you to enjoy:

  1. Family Relationship Switcheroo: Tanya’s friends Mara Llewellyn, Irene Haughton, and Stuart Greer receive a mysterious letter saying that they are to met and befriend Tanya’s cousin Shara and that Tanya no longer existed to them. Hours later, the kids meet Shara and Tanya is reported missing.
  2. Named after the Place where you were found: Pearl Tanner was named after the two streets that she was found on when she was a baby, which were named Pearl and Tanner.Her real name, however, is unknown and would probably never be revealed.
  3. Everybody did it: in which scores of people in Harrison Creek are being rounded up and questioned due to their perceived involvement in Tanya’s disappearance.
  4. “I’ve never met this person”: In which Shara throws the Teen Rebels off her back when they question her about Tanya, only to realize that she DID know Tanya, albeit another name.
  5. Poetic Justice: Stuart causes a riot when he waves a Tibetan flag during the Fourth of July Parade. As punishment, his “Free Tibet” paraphernalia is destroyed.
  6. Two Aliases, One Character: Tanya Shinnok was secretly living in San Francisco under the name Hanna Tinosky, the name that only Shara knows.
  7. 7th Episode Twist: this plot twist came about when the Bullying Trio (consisting of Trevor Shinnok, Grace Gifford, and Jackie Gilmore), who are usually inseparable, are broken up no thanks to Trevor’s father and other circumstances. Also, Shara (who vowed to never hang out with Trevor no matter what) ends up hanging out with him at the fireworks show.
  8. Didn’t See That Coming: Mara had no idea that her entire neighborhood was being torn down and she would be forced to leave home until her family was forced to pack all they owned and move to a luxurious apartment building across town.
  9. Stranger Behind the Mask: In this story, there is a secret villain known as the Stranger. He ruins the lives of the Teen Rebels due to their friendship with Tanya and taunts them with secret messages, just like “A” does in “Pretty Little Liars“. While his name and identity have been yet to be revealed, it is known that he himself had kidnapped Tanya all along and is hampering all efforts to find her.
  10. Victory Is Boring: At the end of Episode 9 “Please Do Not Feed the Trolls“, the Stranger is enjoying his apparent victory over the Teen Rebels. But he soon grows bored when he realizes that there is some unfinished (and completely unrelated) business that he decides to take care of. Yet at the end of “The Summer of Our Discontent (Part 1)“, he is spotted in the library spying on another group of kids.

Well, this list of plot twists can help you get to know the story better, as I hope to go into the second season of the story. Who knows that plot twists will crop up in the story.


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