Back to Finishing My Novel

In case you have forgotten, I’m currently trying to finish writing my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel, which is called “Magical Composition”. That story was about a group of girls who formed a band in the year 1999, which eventually crashed and burned. Well, it was evident that the 2000s (and today) wouldn’t have been able to handle them at all. I believe that some things that were of the 90s need to stay in the 90s, where they belong.

Plus, in the words of a famous philosopher: “Please let go of the past / say goodbye to yesterday / It all sucked anyway  / You can’t go back to 1999!”

So, where did I leave off? According to my last blog post regarding this story: the cruel and malicious Mia Goff and her slaves, I mean henchmen Claire Sheppard, Mayra Carney, and Lazaro Garner, have recruited Sam Castenada to join their ranks after he disowns his sister, Davina. At the same time, Maura Paltrier is attempting to prevent a much-needed reconciliation with her gay father, Doug. Also, she, Jennifer Warrington, Nancy Levesque, and Oriana Harrell scheme to masquerade as fans of Mia’s country rock band The Hateful Axe. And all of that occurs before a big concert at the mall on Friday.

Well, since then, I have managed to finish off the chapter with a huge twist that I didn’t see coming and with that, I’m preparing for chapter 16. And that chapter will have the following: a huge scandal involving the glee club and a secret videotape, the Fab Four attend a play and a news article about bullying hits home.

Whoa, even I didn’t see that coming, and I’m the writer of this story. I guess I better go write the chapter then.


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