New Year, New Goals, New Blogs

Well, it’s a brand new year, and with it comes new challenges. For starters, I feel that my drive to write fan fiction is starting to slow down drastically, even as my desire to write my own original fiction is going up. (I already have said that I’m not going to do the annual March 15 Stories extravaganza, as most of last year’s ideas were not fan fiction at all. I also quit writing Harry Potter fan fiction almost 5 years ago, and that was a huge part of the reason why my fan fiction drive has taken a nosedive.) I don’t know why this is happening, but maybe it’s because fan fiction has defined one part of my life and now that I’m of a certain age, my writings are taking a huge turn towards originality as opposed to fan fiction.

Which isn’t to say that I’ll be ditching fan fiction so soon, not when I have some new ideas for how to complete any of the fan fiction that I’m writing right now.

With that, I’m going to be talking about the new blogs that are being planned for this year:

  • The Fantasy Central Channel: This blog is being run like a TV channel, and it will contain many fan fiction and original stories that I have neglected. These stories are going to get a good kick in the pants with me writing them as serials. Most of my fan fiction that I’m writing for FanFiction.Net might even be completed this year and there are some fan fiction stories that get crossed over into my own stories (which appears to be taboo). The best thing about this blog is that I don’t have to work on the blog solely on Fridays, unlike my other blog FanFiction Fridays.
  • The Jacquel Rassenworth Blog: At last, the girl who keeps invading random fandoms is getting her own blog. But be forewarned that the blog will contain any articles written about her as well as her own personal opinion about anything and anything. Nothing will be spared.

Well, I guess this means that we’re off to a fresh start regarding the blogs. (And not to worry, this one will be updated as soon as I update a story and stuff.)


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