NaNoFiMo Day 9

At this point, I’m seriously considering a spin-off of the story Magical Compositions.

After writing the parody known as “Your Childhood Never Ended“, I wondered what would have happened to the rest of the cast of Magical Compositions. As in the lyrics to the song

Here is the gossip for the class of 2009 / you’ll never believe what David Ricks went and did / Still can’t believe that Laurie Frost married that Torvald Gates / they now have three kids, so now I must admit that he’s actually straight / and the one thing that matters to you right now is when is Louie Browning’s next movie coming out, and is it going to be any good / and everyone’s still talking about Mia Goff and how she went and shot up the school, she’ll be in prison for that for the rest of her life…and Oriana Harrell is a bestselling author, Jennifer Warrington is just a wife and a mother, and Sam Castenada is the leader of another rock band / This is the state of the class of 1999, and I don’t like how it all turned out, so I want to ask for a refund please…

things have certainly changed since the class of 1999 graduated in disgrace from Gothanberg Academy. Since Magical Compositions was essentially Jennifer’s story, she had dreams of going on Broadway, but after various events, she was forced to give that up in exchange for going to a community college, marrying the first person who she feigned interest in, and having three snot-nosed brats for children. (In an ironic twist, the parody “1999” also fits her as well)

In the spin-off called “The Class of 1999“, Jennifer returns to Miami after banishing herself for being part of the reason why Mia attacked the school and why several students were killed in the attack. She immediately reunites with her old friend Oriana Harrell, who is now a bestselling author of several dark poetry books and several vampire and fantasy series. (Maura Paltrier and Nancy Levesque are not in this story) They get with David Ricks, Laurie Frost-Gates, Trovald Gates, Louie Browning, Daisy Lawson, Anthony Barton, and William Nolan and they go back to Gothanberg Academy to become mentors to the younger versions of themselves. (the characters I will name later) Also, the class have to deal with their own inner demons as well as the past, which still has unanswered questions as well as the scars that were left behind when they left Gothanberg for the last time 10 years before.

So rather than a complete novel, I think this one will be written as a serial novel. But when I will actually write it, I don’t know at this moment. For now, I’ll have to finish the original story and soon.


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