NaNoFiMo Day 6

In the neverending battle against the unfinished novel, I have generated enough “extra” stuff to keep the story interesting. And as we all know, the story isn’t a story without characters, and there is also a need for some pop culture infusion, best used when dealing with realistic YA fiction. The pop culture and world events help keep the story realistic and bring it to life.

I do recall being in the year 1999 (but my main issue was that I was IN the 90s, but NOT of the 90s), and from what I can remember vividly was the dreaded Y2K computer glitch that threatened to wipe out all technology as we know it. That, and the song by Prince that was played at the appropriate time called “1999”.

And there are some other things that happened in 1999 that I can recall without cringing:

  1. Y2K
  2. Latin pop music invasion
  3. The Blair Witch Project (I did dress up as part of the Blair Witch Project for Halloween)
  4. Star Wars (reboot)

And some of the movies that I saw in 1999:

In the year 1999, Bill Clinton was president of the United States of America. (well, in 1998, he almost lost his job). Also, we had the cringe-worthy Pokemon and Harry Potter (way before it became the biggest dud the world ever saw). All of that and what do the girls talk about?


According to this parody, they mostly talked about Stacey Morgan, Small Kitten, before we had Harry Potter / we had Friendship, Rasputins, and Doctor Mighty on TV / her three kids, all in school, they tell her, “Mom, you’re uncool / because you’re still preoccupied with 1999!”

Please comment ONLY if you can recall 1999.


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