You have the “write” to finish this story!

That’s right. After a much-anticipated return to my blog “Fan Fiction Fridays”, I’ve decided to resume my efforts to finish this story called “Magical Composition”.

Where did we leave off?

Well, as we all know, the cruel and malicious Mia Goff and her slaves, I mean henchmen Claire Sheppard, Mayra Carney, and Lazaro Garner, have recruited Sam Castenada to join their ranks after he disowns his sister, Davina. At the same time, Maura Paltrier is attempting to prevent a much-needed reconciliation with her gay father, Doug. Also, she, Jennifer Warrington, Nancy Levesque, and Oriana Harrell scheme to masquerade as fans of Mia’s country rock band The Hateful Axe. And all of that occurs before a big concert at the mall on Friday.

And in the following chapter, there is a huge scandal involving the glee club and a secret videotape, the Fab Four attend a play and a news article about bullying hits home.

Well, will this story ever get off the ground long enough to reach chapter 16? Who knows!