My, My, She Grew Up Way Too Fast…

Several years ago, I was interviews for a fake magazine about what would happen to me when I turned the big number. And here it is, for you all to enjoy:

And now for the final word from…Jacquel Carey, or 10 questions that we just had to ask her

  1. What talent do you hate? I hate when I’m singing songs with the artist’s voice. I wish that I could just sing with my own voice. I hate this talent, and I might not be able to score any points with Simon [Cowell] of American Idol.

  2. Fave body part? My feet. They’re so small and thin, but they’re flat! (That’s why you’ll never see me in heels. I’d just go barefoot at the Jollywood Academy Awards!)

  3. Any guilty pleasures? Watching “Desperate Housewives.” I feel bad for those women who just want to have some excitement in their dull everyday lives.

  4. What powers do you wish you had? Telekinesis, or the power to actually do magic. I should not have to restrict my magic to just Away In England.

  5. Fave expression? Ha, ha, very funny; I’m watching you.

  6. Words you can’t stand to use, yet use them anyway? Dummy, which I don’t like to hear because it either insults your intelligence or demeans anyone who is handicapped in any way.

  7. All-time fave movie? Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox

  8. Words you live by? Someone once told me, “You must learn to live your life to the fullest and not worry about earthly recognition, given your already tarnished reputation.” Well, I’m glad I followed that advice because here I am, the new face of Jollywood and all that it stands for.

  9. Old TV shows you still love to watch? Friends, the Simpsons, That 70’s Show, Gilligan’s Island, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saturday Night Live.

  10. What will you do the moment you hit the big 3-0? Party until I marry Orlando Bloom (just kidding!) No, I will attempt to put my entire life back in order before I party and marry Orlando Bloom.

And now for my response:

  • Question 1: They totally twisted up my words. I never said I hated my talent at all. As we all know, writing is my talent.
  • Question 2: My feet? Come on, people! I dont think my feet are my best features. If anything, my smile could light up a room.
  • Question 3: Today’s guilty pleasure? Reading YA fiction. (I need not suffer for this one!)
  • Question 4: It seems today that I have outgrown magic. Was I drunk when I answered that question?
  • Question 5: I hardly use that quote anymore.
  • Question 6: Today’s word I can’t stand is the word “GAY“. It used to mean “happy“, but now it means “homosexual“. Can we PLEASE start using words the way they’re meant to be used? Seriously!
  • Question 7: I think this one’s taken a back seat to the Twilight Saga.
  • Question 8: Today’s quote for me is called “Don’t hold back.” Don’t ask why.
  • Question 9: I don’t watch much TV anymore, but when I do, it’s either Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, and Adventure Time.
  • Question 10: I was just messing with everyone when I claimed that I would marry Orlando Bloom. Truth is, I’m now looking at another movie star, namely the beautiful Robert Pattinson.

And there you have it. Just another great example of what happens once you grow up and leave your 20s behind. Now, I have to go prepare for my 30s.


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