NaNoFiMo Day 3

Looks like this story just doesn’t want to be written.

Still stuck on chapter 14 because I’m now in the middle of the story. Can we pull it out of its funk?

Anyway, what happens in chapter 15? Here’s what we have so far…

  • A play that was described earlier in the story debuts, and the Fab Four is recruited to play music during the after-party.
  • A newspaper article about bullying hits home for scores of students and adults.
  • A videotape centering on the Gothanburg Academy glee club surfaces, and several of the students and teachers are discredited.
  • The Hateful Axe gets gifts from a mysterious fan group, but it doesn’t do much for their music.
  • The All-American Princesses continue to succeed and with the unexpected successes, they must deal with jealous classmates

And that’s all for this blog post.


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