NaNoFiMo Day 2

The battle against the never-finished novel continues!

Today, (after adding other things to previous chapters) I’m getting a jump on chapter 14 of “Magical Competition“. This time, the Fab Four will be firmly implanted in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Miami while the Hateful Axe gains a new member and suffers from bad PR. Jennifer hopes to correct some rather damning sins by attempting to give some peace offerings to her rivals, something that she had done before but it had led to a student’s rape and the banishment of a much-hated student. She hopes to try to avert a similar tragedy, at least for herself.

After many lies and manipulations, Mia convinces Davina’s brother Sam to join her country band. The band believes that with a Black person in it, people would start to notice them. They do get their notice, but not in a good way. Plus, Davina and Shawnee are displeased to hear about Sam joining Mia, so they attempt to get their hands on a videotape which they think has some shocking thins that Mia had done when the glee club went to perform at Walt Disney World during spring break, not knowing that they would damage Jennifer’s reputation as well.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to completing the chapter!


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