NaNoWriMo Continued

Well, I’m still writing the story and now I’m finished writing chapter 13. I have 10 more chapters left to write, not including the epilogue.

So in this part of the story, we see Maura dealing with the return of the father who walked out on her when she was a kid and Oriana dealing with issues regarding her absent mother and the number of times that she had been placed in foster homes and switched to several different schools. Also, overhearing several conversations, a sibling of Davina has been recruited by Mia and her evil group to join their fake band and spies are everywhere.

So what’s happening in the next chapter? Only I know, and you’ll have to find out!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Continued

  1. orestgtd

    Thanks for linking to my post. Kudos to for keeping it going after end of November. I’ve been journalling every day for a long period but I find that writing for my novel takes a different kind of mental energy that I find difficult to access consistently day after day.

  2. Laith

    Way to keep after it Claire!

    I’m taking a few day breather, I ran myself into the ground over the last few days of November striving for the 50k. But I’ll be picking the stories back up soon and keeping them moving.

    I wish I had the motivation to write, but at the moment I’m spent 🙂


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