Well, after hours of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, I have managed to log in over 50,058 words in “Magical Compositions“. In short, I have won the competition!

So what does this say about me?

I did say yesterday that I could be completing NaNoWriMo and I was right. I had to get the word count just right in terms of actual word counting, as I still have some more writing to do, as I’m out of chapter 12 (the middle of the story) and have moved onto chapter 13, which is when things start to work out for the Fab Four and their rivals…not so much. I promise to write each chapter every day and to have it complete before the middle of December.

So if you’ve won, then congratulations. But if not, just keep going. Whether you’ve won or not, you can say that you did something big during the month of November. Also, considering publishing your story, as the world does need plenty more stories in it.

I thank everyone for reading about my progress in NaNoWriMo during this past month and I urge you all to keep a lookout for my next pet project.