Day 29 of NaNoWrMo 2012

For some reason, I have a pretty good feeling that I’m going to be completing NaNoWriMo today.

Why am I saying this?

After getting past the middle of the book, I feel that the rest of the story is going to magically fall into place as the Fab Four (Jennifer, Nancy, Maura, and Oriana) navigate through the music world, but not without a few disappointments and certainly without competition. Their main competitors are a rival band known as the Hateful Axe (Mia, Claire, Mayra, and Lazaro), who is doing whatever it takes to knock down the All-American Princesses. Another set of rivals consists of Davina and Shawnee, who aren’t too big on the Fab Four, since the girls keep getting them into trouble on a number of occasions.

So, with less than 3,000 words left to go, I’m going to make sure that this is taken care of before the day is over. But the story isn’t done being written yet, as I’ve got a number of things to put down before I end it for good.

So with that, let us embrace the penultimate day of NaNoWriMo!


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