Day 28 of NaNowriMo 2012

I’m now in the middle of the story and it’s getting down to the wire here, folks!

I’m getting ready to write about the band’s first concert and so far, there’s a huge diva showdown, a shocking revelation from two known bullies, and even some pretty damning secrets regarding one of the girls.

So what’s up with the concert?

Well, it’ll have the songs that Oriana had written, which is the Anti-Bully Anthem and High School Headline News, plus a few original songs that she has also written. But Davina and Shawnee will be in the audience and when they hear the songs, they’ll most likely become very angry. And that comes on the heels of their confessions and outing of some very dangerous people. OUCH!

Meanwhile, Maura thinks that the band idea is turning into a fluke due to several bad songs and a terrible manager. She and Jennifer believe that the Crazies (their name for the clique that Mia Goff, Claire Sheppard, Mayra Carney, and Lazaro Garner) intentionally destroyed Oriana’s car and successfully pinned the crime on Davina and Shawnee.

In another twist, the Crazies find out that the Bullies (Davina and Shawnee) have outed them and as a result, they plan to go after them when they go after Jennifer.

So now that we’re living in a world filled with greed, cruelty, and perhaps attempted murder, I have one question to ask: who is going to come out on top? The Fab Four, the Crazies, or the Bullies?


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