Day 24 of NaNoWriMo 2012

After the holidays are over, I realized that I’ve fallen behind on my writing, so I’m going to take tonight (and tomorrow) to catch up on my work. I’ve already have the entire story planned out, so that’ll be a snap.

Speaking of which, the girls re at school while the teachers are fiercely debating the fate of Davina and Shawnee and the African-American community (far from rejoicing that the girls are not in jail) are demanding that they be sent back to jail for good.

Also, I’ll have to expand the story a bit to include any news articles regarding what goes on in the girls’ lives as they continue down the path of stardom, knowing that our of the four of them, only one will achieve fame and the other three will systematically crash and burn. (Who it is will be revealed later on in the story)

So now, we have the girls trying to figure out the songs they’re going to sing (as the ones that were written in this story so far, save for Oriana’s, are all garbage), dealing with Davina and Shawnee, and try to take down a rival band whose sole purpose isn’t fame, it’s to knock the girls down for good.

Have fun!


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