Day 20 of NaNoWriMo 2012

Chapter 10 at last! (I can’t believe that it took me THIS long to actually get there!) I hope to get halfway done before Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I have decided that the Fab Four wasn’t being tormented enough, so I’m going to have to give them a name change and a new wardrobe. Also, there is a school protest in action, which could have an effect on the fate of the entire school, not to mention the futures of the graduating class of 1999.

Also, Davina and Shawnee (and their families) suffer from the effects of their behavior being exposed in newspapers all over the country and they eventually lose their scholarships as well as much of the family fortunes and their self-respect. The other students shun them and plot their permanent downfall. At this point, the Fab Four produce a song that details the bullies and their outrageous actions, which sweeps throughout the school and brings more damaging evidence to the school and general public.

Now, I’m off to prepare for the next chapter and I’ll let you all know how it all went tomorrow!


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