Day 18 of NaNoWriMo 2012

Yesterday, we explored the timeframe of the story; now we talk about how the girls deal with their individuality.

For as long as they can remember, Jennifer, Nancy, Maura, and Oriana have been all about the high-priced fashion. That was, until Nancy got a hold of some vintage outfits and Oriana decided to dress in 1970s style clothes. Jennifer (not approving of her friends’ fashion choices) continues to wear her fashionable outfits.

Also, there are rumors (true and otherwise) about Davina and Shawnee, which seem to spread around the school like wildfire. The two girls aren’t around to answer to the rumors and most of the students believe the rumors.

Something will be giving here.

Also, Cristofer will be making a huge mistake by putting the girls on a real stage before they’re ready and their debut is a huge disaster. (not even his archrival Leilar Dara did that with his girl band; but that’s a different story) Jennifer undergoes a serious transformation when she discovers that the group has been sabotaged by a rival band.

So, will this be the end of the Fab Four? Not if I can help it! See you later!


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