Day 16 of NaNoWriMo 2012

Yesterday, I said I was halfway done with NaNoWriMo. As in halfway done with the 50,000 word goal. But after realizing the I had 24 chapters planned for the story, I’m only 1/3 finished with the story.

I’m glad to say that after hunkering down and no breaks, I am finished with chapter 6 and chapter 7. Now I’m at chapter 8, which is where the action picks up.

Where did I leave off? In chapter 6, the girls’ band is formed, but not without competition. In chapter 7, the principal of the school finds out about a violent act of bullying and has two students removed from the school.

Well, this is chapter 8, and the pressures from everyone else seems to be putting the Fab Four on edge.

I’ll be back with more!

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