Day 13 of NaNoWriMo

13 days later, I do realize that in the time that it took the Fab Four to get their band together, jealous has already set in in the forms of Claire Sheppard and Mayra Carney. Both girls were caught planning to hurt Jennifer for several incidents that happened years ago.

Also, Davina and Shawnee (who have bullied the Fab Four and many other students for years) don’t have anything nice to say to the girls regarding their success and they would do anything to knock down the Fab Four.

In a less significant note, a girl named Mia Goff, whose dream was to be a Broadway stage star, is after Jennifer because she felt that Jennifer had stolen her dreams. She is currently planning to ruin the band and destroy Jennifer’s reputation by posting lies about her on the Internet.

So, who will be the next person to bully the Fab Four? Who will ally with them? Stay tuned!


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