Day 11 of NaNoWriMo

Well, since it’s Veteran’s Day, it’s time for a special Veteran’s Day blog post!

When I first thought up Jennifer, Nancy, Maura, and Oriana, I had their story set up at the end of World War II, in which Jennifer’s father returns home from being in the battlefield for the past 6 years. Jennifer was living in some fictional country that was largely untouched by the bombings and dearth that was World War II. But instead of actively waiting to welcome her father home, she spent most of her time researching the life and times of Anastasia Romanov.

I mean, isn’t that quite rude of Jennifer to care about some dead Russian princess when there are scores of soldiers who are wounded and scarred by the war? that’s part of the reason why I eventually abandoned “All in One Friendship.” (another reason was because not only was Jennifer out of touch with the other girls around her, and also, the story felt kind of lame when you think about it)

So, what do I say to those who may be thinking about Veteran’s Day and this blog post, don’t forget to remember what our American soldiers have done for us, as we cannot thank them enough for their invaluable service to our country.

And don’t worry; if I ever write another story about Jennifer, I’ll make sure that she is less selfish and more thoughtful towards others.


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