After 10 days of fighting against the evils of laziness, fatigue, and a huge lack of planning, I have reached chapter five in this story and as a reward, I’m going to let you all read the first draft of the story on Smashwords.

So, where have we here in chapter 5?

for starters, Jen, Nancy, Maura, and Ori have made the audition, but their rivals’ mouths are still taped up. Also, overhearing a conversation, Jen and Nancy’s mothers decide to investigate Maura’s mother, who is in jail for reasons that will be revealed later.

Also, the girls must get past their first hurdle, which is known as THE DAY AFTER. What’s going to happen to them when they go back to school and everyone notices them? One thing that’s for sure, this NaNoWriMo story isn’t going to be dull!

I’ll be back with more!