Day 8 of NaNoWriMo

Well, the bandpocalypse is here.

In less than a few minutes, I’ll be writing about how Jennifer, Nancy, Maura, and Oriana begin to audition for a spot in a pop band. But with scores of people against them and tons of competition, will the girls succeed? or will it be the end of Maura and Oriana’s dreams (and possibly the girls’ friendship)?

But before we start, let’s go back to what we have so far:

  • Chapter 1: Maura and Oriana’s desires to start a band appeared to be placed on the backburner due to the confrontations with various classmates.
  • Chapter 2: Maura and Oriana speak of recruiting Heather Harding, Lola Thomas, and Keona Noble in case Jennifer and Nancy don’t agree to join the band.
  • Chapter 3: Oriana, Maura, Jennifer, and Nancy meet up and discuss their plans when a random student tells them about the band auditions.

Now this time, the girls are going to audition for a former pop star for a spot in a band he is forming. with his reputation as a born-again Christian preceding him and his eventual takedown of the famed rock band The All-Knighters and their leader, Leilar Dara, the girls know that they would have to prove themselves worthy of his time and display whatever talents that they claim to possess in order to make the band audition.


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