Day 6 of NaNoWriMo

Hard to believe that there was a time when Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter didn’t exist. Well, since my NaNoWriMo story takes place during such a time as this, the year 1999. The year that there was a rumored Y2K computer glitch panic that swept the nation (due to the fact that it was 1999 and the next year would be 2000 and the computers weren’t equipped to handle the year 2000).

Plus, there was that certain song by Prince (which was released in the 1980’s), but let’s not go there.

So, if there was no social media in 1999, how did teens in 1999 get their unnecessary gossip? Well, I invented a fake social website called, in which kids could make up all sorts of crazy rumors about other students and since there was no way to regulate what was being said on the Internet at that time, the rumors could be untrue but would be posted online anyway.

Plus, here’s how the site looks like and the warnings that were also posted due to the rumors and such: The place for high school gossip

Disclaimer: the following names have been changed to initials to protect those who might be involved, although anyone can find out who the aforementioned person is. If you find your name in any of the articles in this site, you obviously have done the deed that is being talked about. Live with your shame.

Well, that was BEFORE various teenagers wound up committing suicide/partook in school shootings because of the mean things that their classmates wrote about them on the Internet. Plus, after the year 1999, there was a new law put in place that said that rumors weren’t allowed on the Internet at all, and if anyone posted anything that was untrue or hateful about another person, they could be banned from the Internet for six months. That rule eventually leads to the shutdown of

As for social media and this story, someone is going to find out who’s been posting things about them on and then go on a rampage that ultimately destroys the morale of Gothanburg Academy as well as lead to the entire senior class repeating their senior year (and  graduating in November). Also, the Fab Four (who are the main targets on are going to have their lives exposed all over the Internet. Whether it is for good or for ill, I cannot say.

And here’s some fun facts for you: in 1999, Napster and Myspace are launched, Internet shopping becomes popular, and Internet usage reaches 150 million. And that’s only the beginning.

So, what’s in store for the Fab Four and the Internet? Only time will tell.

Plus, Election Day is here and if you want some laughs, just hop on over to FanFiction Fridays and read the post, which I have aptly titled “Fandompocalypse 2012“, in which people from various fandoms decide to vote for President Barack Obama or  Mitt Romney. But there is an unexpected third candidate who enters the ring through no fault of his own.

Link to blog post:



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