Well, here I am, once again wondering what on earth am I getting myself into? I have stories that I have yet to complete and stories that i have been neglecting, so why am i starting up another one?

Well, I did have a vision that I would be creating stories, so that vision is becoming reality.

Anyway, back to the blog post. Here’s how I began the first chapter of my new novel:

Jennifer Warrington and Nancy Levski watched as the students were being taken to the nurse’s office. They had gotten into a scuffle over something one of them had apparently posted on the social site Jabberstorm.com. Both girls shook their heads, thinking to themselves why on earth would people be posting such things about other people on the internet. where were the laws that restricted what you could or couldn’t post on the internet?

Well, safe to say, though, this was a good way to kick off the story. Although my newest story takes place in the year 1999, the issues that teens living in 1999 are facing are similar to the issues that plague today’s teens, such as bullying, fights, peer pressure/intimidation, and even a loss of innocence.

We go down further in the story:

“you do know of what happened in a town called Littleton, Colorado, don’t you?” Oriana was an avid reader and made sure that not a day went by when she wasn’t reading anything. she continued, “The Columbine High School shooting happened because some kids decided that they would make fun of other kids. those kids got their hands on some guns and shot up the place. 12 students and a teacher died as a result of some kid’s stupidity.”

Well, incorporating a world event into the story is a good way to bring some realism into your story that might not exist otherwise. But the particular incident that is mentioned in this story is going to affect how the kids in my story are going to be going about their daily lives. Friendships will be made and broken. Bullies will be exposed and fights will break out.

Before this story is over, the secrets regarding the school the main characters attend will leak out and effectively destroy the community.

So, that’s just the first day of NaNoWriMo. I’ll be back tomorrow with how things went with chapter 2 of my story.