New Blog Posts

I’ve been busy trying to keep my blogs up and running smoothly. I have a handful of updates for you:

On The Write Stuff:

  • “Dark World” to be Rewritten as a YA Dystopian novel
  • How to Stop Writing Fan Fiction and Start Writing Original Fiction by Claire Violet Thorpe (which can also be read on this blog
  • What Happened to Avery Johnson, Darren Hopskinvitch, Kalani Yee, Oliver Anderson, and Solomon Roosevelt? ~ by FrillyXtianWater
  • Andrew Limpett, or the Story that Combines Characters from OtherStories ~ by Starshelle

On The Blog That Made No Sense:

  • “This Story Makes No Sense!” Tyler & the Murteys
  • “This Story Makes No Sense!” The Boy-Who-Ripped-Off-Harry-Potter
  • My observations while reading “Harry Potter Redux part 1″ by LemurWriter
  • SNAPSHOTS from “Harry Potter Redux
  • The Prologue, or How Harry Potter Screwed Up the Entire Universe
  • The Story That Made No Sense to be Renamed as “This Story Makes No Sense”

On The Charlie Bone Blog

  • Rational Charlie Bone

On The Twilight Fun Blog

  • The Crystal Jade: Modern-Day Dracula? ~ by FrillyXtianWater
  • Luminosity

More updates will come…


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