How to Stop Writing Fan Fiction and Start Writing Original Fiction by Claire Violet Thorpe

Are you a fan fiction writer who dreams of writing your own stories someday? Well, I was once in your shoes until a few years ago, when I decided to ditch Harry Potter fan fiction and take up original writing.

For starters, I have written fan fiction as a whole, with original writing on the side. (Today, that has been reversed.) Still, I have some ideas that will help you make that switch from fan fiction to original writing:

  1. If you have any original characters in the fan fiction, take them out of the fan fiction immediately. Get them away from your favorite canon characters. How to do that? Simply have them being forced to move to another town.
  2. Get that original character into a different setting. The easiest way to do that is to have a different town for the character to live in.
  3. Have the character make some new friends. Hint: you must make up the other characters yourself.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone. that means letting go of your favorite fandom and jump into your own world. Read books other than the books you like to read. You’ll get some great ideas for your own story as well as some fandoms that you generally don’t write fan fiction for.
  5. Now comes the tricky part: take your original character and your original setting and run with it! Just be sure not to include anything having to do with fan fiction, examine your writing to make sure that it makes sense, and for God‘s sake, *DON’T* make up another Harry Potter or Eragon rewrite! We’ve seen enough of those already.
  6. It will take time and pain to come up with something truly original, but you can do it! Don’t ever give up on it!
  7. Finally, after you’ve done hours of writing and editing, put the story out there and share it with the world. Then sit back and watch as the people gobble up your story.

Now you know!


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