Story Updates 4

"Do not feed the Trolls" sign. Photo...

“Do not feed the Trolls” sign. Photographed in South-Africa, Troll-Park near Pretoria đŸ™‚ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s see here:

  • The Green Hill Manor Mystery has hit a snag with the latest chapter, called “Please Do Not Feed the Trolls“. In this chapter, the kids deal with trolls and their trollish behavior. Also, most of the trouble begins in an earlier chapter.
  • The Blog That Made No Sense is going through some very heavy editing and the story based on the blog is being written.
  • The Charlie Bone Blog is still being updated.
  • The blog She Reviews Everything will be next to be updated with a brand-new format for reviewing books and movies.

I’ll be back with more!


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