How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction (Part 9)

Hello everyone, I trust that you are just about finished with your fan fiction story. (if not, please don’t panic, as I never gave you a time limit to write the story) Today’s essay is about the behavior of the characters.

As Count Omer has said about character behavior, “Watch the character behavior! There is to be no out-of-character behavior (unless you’re writing a parody, of course!). All characters must remain in the story with their personalities intact.”

Wow,” you say. “So much for putting my own spin on the characters. I guess I’ll quit now.

Don’t quit now that you’ve gotten this far! I’ve got a better idea on how to approach this. If the character in question is often seen as a coward, give him/her a moment of bravery. If the character is smart, there are moments where that same character isn’t very smart at all. A character who is normally shy has moments that they aren’t shy at all. I’m sure that you’ll come up with something like that on your own.

Here’s the assignment: Take a character that you love and flip their personality, then rewrite the scene with them and their new personality. You’ll never know what might happen in your story, so be prepared!

I’ll be back with the tenth part of the fan fiction revolution tomorrow.

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