How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction (PART 7)

Hello everyone, if you haven’t started on that fan fiction yet because you don’t have any idea of what fandom to write for, I hope that you pay special attention to today’s essay, which is about the fandoms that have fan fictions written for them.

Go to FanFiction.Net and see what is being written as fan fiction. we’ve got Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Movies, Plays/Musicals, and TV Shows. there are plenty of things that can turned into fan fiction.

Now head to the books section and tell me what you see. You guessed it: there are over 100 books that are listed on the site. But we have a slight problem: there are too many Harry Potter fan fiction stories!

So, what did Count Omer say about that?

Love that unloved fandom! There are already too many Harry Potter fan fiction stories out there (over 500,000 on FanFiction.Net alone) and most of them are poorly written. So if you’re solely a Harry Potter fan, you really need to expand your horizons, so to speak. Find other books that run along the same subject as Harry Potter, and then write fan fiction for them. The tiny fandom with the fewest stories will win out in the end, not the biggest fandom. My advice: try to write for a fandom that is NOT Harry Potter.

Plain and simple, we need to stop writing Harry Potter fan fiction.

Here’s your next assignment: put the brakes on any Harry Potter fan fiction story that you are writing and find another fandom, preferably one that has less than 1,000 stories written for it. (Note: you probably will have to read the book several times to completely understand the story). Remember that smaller fandoms will win out against bigger fandoms in the end, and books with smaller fandoms might become the next big thing.

Now you know.

I’ll be back tomorrow with part eight of the fan fiction revolution.


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