How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction (part 6)

Hello everyone, I am hoping that you are ready for today’s essay, which is centered on the proper use of words.

These days, there are tons of fan fictions out there, but most of them are unreadable. That is the problem with today’s writing. Very few people actually take the time to edit their work, and the results of poor editing are evident in low readership and poor reviews.

So, what did Count Omer say about editing:

Make sure your writing is perfect before you publish it. This means no spelling or grammar mistakes are allowed. Also, none of the characters should be speaking in street English at all. Proper English is necessary. The reader will quit reading your story if there are any imperfections present. There are too many stories with poor spelling and bad grammar in them; don’t let your story be one of them.

Plain and simple, proper editing is the key to success. Enough said.

Here’s your next assignment: take the fanfic that you are currently writing and edit it completely. Look up “how to edit a manuscript” on Google if necessary. Or better yet, have someone else edit it for you. Remember, a story that is properly editied is the true difference between a success and a failure. I’ll be back tomorrow with part seven of the fan fiction revolution.


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