How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction (part 5)

Hello, everyone, I am hoping that you are ready for today’s essay, which is centered on the dangers of alternative storylines.

So, what did Count Omer say about alternative storylines?

The main purpose of fan fiction is to follow the original story to the letter, not a wish fulfillment for you. You do not own the story; therefore, you do not have the right to change it around to suit your personal fantasies.

That is the problem nowadays. The alternative storyline has been overused so much that it’s becoming too dangerous and it also has been blamed for many clichés and Mary-Sue characters.

Not to mention the next line in Count Omer’s essay about alternative storyline?

If you don’t like the storyline of your favorite story, then why are you writing for that fandom? If you do want to change the story around and make it better, then go make up your own.

So, there’s your answer to that question.

Here’s your next assignment: take the part of the story’s plotline that you don’t like and rewrite it in a way that makes sense. Try that instead of just making the plotline non-existent and you’ll have a better fanfic. I’ll be back tomorrow with part six of the fan fiction revolution.


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