How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction (part 4)

Hello, everyone, I am hoping that you are ready for today’s essay on the importance of researching your chosen fandom. This time, we’re going to be talking about the fandom that you’ve chosen.

These days, many people have made some serious mistakes in fan fiction by ignoring or not paying attention to the story’s surrounding background. This led to confusion, headaches, and fights with other writers in your chosen fandom.

But we’re going to fix that.

Do your homework. Research your favorite fandom and get to know all of the characters personally. Also, know the plot of the story, as you’ll be using it in your stories.

I can’t stress that enough. You NEED to research the story before you write the fan fiction. You NEED to get to know the characters before you take over their lives.

Here’s your next assignment: take a moment and research your fandom on Wikipedia, taking note of all the main points of the article. I’ll be back tomorrow with part five of the fan fiction revolution.


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